Integrated learning mathematics and science by IDAC model; Investigation, Discussion, Analysis, Conclusion.
Philosophy and Curriculum Development course. Presented in ATCM 2016.


Study Visit

Nanyang Technological University


PSMT Students presented Integrated Mathematics and Science Research at International Conference (ATCM 2016)


Mr.Bancha Morachat (Code 56, PSMT Premium) shared his Super Premium study experience

at Waikato University, New Zealand


PSMT Code 60 students were trained to create Game-Based Learning: Kahoot! at SSRUIC (Thailand)


PSMT Code 60 students were trained to create Technology-Based Learning at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)


PSMT Code 60 applied EDC Model-Engagement (E), Discussion (D) , and Conclusion (C)

for remedial teaching in math class at Chemistry Program of SSRU


PSMT Code 60 arranged Math Camp for the Basic Education students


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