Course Specifications based on Thai Qualifications Framework (TQF. 3-4)

CourseLast Update
ETP5101 Teachership, Morality and Ethics for Mathematics1/2017
ETP5102 Language and Culture for Mathematics Teachers
ETP5103 Psychology for Mathematics Teachers1/2018
ETP5104 Educational Research and Classroom Action Research
ETP5105 Philosophy and Mathematics Curriculum Development1/2018
ETP5106 Measurement and Evaluation in Mathematics 2/2017
ETP5107 Learning Management, Learning Resources and Quality Assurance for Mathematics Education
ETP5108 Innovations and Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Teaching Mathematics 2/2017
ETP5109 Pre-Practicum Teaching Experience in Mathematics Area
ETP5301 Practicum 1
ETP5302 Practicum 2 2/2017
EME5201 DiscoveringGeometry with Technology
EME5202 DiscoveringAlgebra with Technology
EME5203 DiscoveringCalculus and Trigonometry with Technology
EME5204 Advanced Mathematics for Teachers
EME5205 Statistics for Educational Research
EME5206 Seminar in Mathematics Education
EME5207 Seminar in Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers
EME5208 Mathematics Enrichment and Remedial Teaching Strategies
EME5209 Learning Styles and Models of Teaching Mathematics
EME5210 Teaching Mathematics Successfully
EME5211 Developing Understanding of Mathematics and Technology
ETH5101 Thesis 1 
ETH5102 Thesis 2
ETH5103 Thesis 3